Portaferry Sails and Sound

Portaferry Sails and Sound was a great weekend held at Strangford Lough.

Dublin Bay event

The weekend after Liverpool was the Dublin Bay event.

North West event at Liverpool

The first event of the year that I went to was at Liverpool where the North West Area of the OGA combined with the Nobby Owners Association and the Tall Ships to put on a great weekend.

Pre-season Preparation

Over the winter I stripped the deck of Witch ready for new Coelan to be applied. Once this was done the topsides, anti-foul and brightwork were done and she was put back in the water as early as possible to stop her from drying out like last winter.

She sat on a mooring with the mast not yet in until the start of the season. Unfortunately the birds took a liking to her wooden surfaces and set up on them as a roost.

I took her down to her mooring once the mast was in on a very windy day and picking up the mooring was taxing.